If your bike has a suspension fork, you can use the Bikeinside downhauler to compress the fork to get your bike despite a low vehicle interior into the vehicle.

The downhauler consists of a 25mm wide 800daN strap with a sturdy ratchet. The ratchet makes a simple compressing of the fork possible, even if the bike is already in the car.

In particular, 29er and long-travel downhill and enduro bikes can build quite high, so there can be a problem with the height of the vehicle interior. Therefore, the compression of the suspension fork is sometimes the only way to reduce the height of the bike a little to transport your quality bike upright in the interior of your vehicle.

The downhauler can also be very useful if the bikes must stand very close together and the handlebars get in the way and you need to vary the handlebar height a bit.

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