By Bikeinside Extenders bicycles with 9/100mm quick release axles, 20/110mm through axle, 12/100mm through axle and 15mm through axles of different axle widths can be mounted on the fork mount the Bikeinside crossbar. You can position the bikes with it even more variable in height and in length.

The Bikeinside Extender consists of a basic element of powder coated steel and CNC machined aluminum sleeves. The 20/110mm extender is made of powder-coated steel. In the 9/100mm extender a high quality quick release included.

Bikeinside extenders are available for the following axis types:

  • 9/100mm quick release
  • 12/100mm through axle
  • 15/100mm through axle
  • 15/110mm through axle (+Bikes, Boost Standard)
  • 15/150mm through axle (Fatbikes)
  • 20/110mm through axle

bikeinside fahrradtraeger extender

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