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The press reports are stored in PDF format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader download it from Adobe. Unfortunately, the earlier press reports are sometimes poorly preserved. We do not have collected and digitized them consistently enough in former times.

Each transport of bikes outside the car increases air resistance and fuel consumption. This is solved by the latest inovation in the bikers scene. The bike travels inside the car, safely protected from dirt and theft. The interior systems BikeInside and .... are related in principle. First, the rear seats, which are in the way have to be removed. Then the crossbars are installed and the bikes fixed to the front fork of the bicycles. The caravaner loses a part of the loading area, and possibly three seats. As so often in life you can not have it all.

pdf Download bicycle rack test as PDF

bikeinside fahrradtraeger test caravaning 2007 04

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