Recommended bicycle rack, aktiv radfahren

With the BikeInside bike rack comes an interior bicycle rack that is suitable for virtually all vehicles. The BikeInside rack does not need any predetermined fastening in the bottom of the vehicles luggage compartment, it boasts easy installation: simply jamming the telescopic crossbar between the side walls of the luggage compartment or rear doors. The crossbar is available in two expansion lengths (Art.: 1003, 120-165 cm; 1003s, 100-145 cm, price 66 EUR). Generally, mesaure the width of the interior, where the carrier is to be installed, and choose the according length. "Even in a VW Golf two bikes can be transported without removing the rear wheels," explains Christian Teuber of BikeInside. The bikes themselves are standing safely, as the fork of the bikes are fixed in special quick release fork mounts (Art: 1010, 17,95 EUR). The BikeInside rack (complete set for 2 bikes = 99.95 EUR) is suitable for all types of bikes - mountain bikes, road bikes, trekking and city bikes. "And even recumbents if they have a normal fork with QR and fit into the length of the vehicle." Practical: crossbar and fork mounts are adjustable without tools.

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A simple and effective system, bsn

A simple and effective bike rack system for station wagons, vans and compact cars was invented by the young team FITS sports equipment (our former corporate name). It's easy, you just have to come out: It consists of two telescopically aluminum square tubes sliding into each other, which can be fixed by means of an adjusting screw. Two plasic parts and fork mounts with quick releases added and you have a perfect interior bike rack. The whole thing is simply clamped transversely behind the front seats and the bikes fixed with the fork to the fork mounts. In this way, depending on vehicle size two or more bicycles can be transported safe and space saving. In addition, the bikes are safe from thieves and it saves fuel. BikeInside is modular system, i.e. existing fork mounts can be used.

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Bikes as hand luggage, Surf Magazin

If you need space for 2 surfboards and a sailbag on your roof rack and have got bikes as hand luggage, BikeInside is the solution. The BikeInside crossbar is jammed in the car and the bikes are fixed with fork mounts to it. Between the bikes there is enoug space for the other surf accesories.

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